Form DS-82

What you should know to create DS-82

Passport Renewal Application Form DS-82 is necessary for a passport renewal. It is used by individuals whose passport is expired or close to the expired term. The main point of this procedure is that it has to be done by mail.

The approximate time to complete an application is up to 40 minutes.

It is possible to fill it out online or print and write all data by hand. Anyway you will need to print it at the end and bring in the interview.

Pay specific attention to the list below. This is approximate information required while preparing Form DS-82.

  1. Your current name. Use it as it is specified on your citizenship document, either previous passport, birth certificate etc. If the name change took place through marriage, divorce etc., provide appropriate documentation to confirm that.
  2. Place of birth. You should write in both city and state if your current residence is in the U.S. If it is outside, mention also country.
  3. Your appearance details. Insert your height (using measurements in feet and inches), eye and hair color.
  4. Enter your social security number.
  5. Your mailing address is especially required.
  6. Include also current e-mail address.
  7. Write in your phone number
  8. Provide an additional contact for emergencies. In case, your emergency contact resides abroad, you may write this information by hand after printing the passport application.

You may apply for a passport book, card or choose both options. Read more info to figure out the difference between these two types. Note, that the passport card will arrive in 30 days after your regular passport is delivered to the Embassy.

The whole procedure may take up to 6 weeks. However, it is possible to speed up the process. For individuals seeking an expedited passport renewal is recommended to refer to the U.S. passport agency. Prepare all the necessary documentation to confirm that you need a visa because of traveling abroad in the next 14 or 30 days. If your passport book is not valid in 6 months you show quickly renew it. For expedite Form DS-82 collect a copy of authorization letter and one copy of travel itinerary from a travel agency or airplane.

Don’t forget to review all the information. Avoid providing untruthful details. This will affect the delay and denial of the application.

Remember to print your fillable Form DS-82 to have it on hand.