Form DS-82

Requirements for Expedited Passport Renewal Application

DS-82 is a document helpful for applying for a passport renewal. A person may use it when his or her passport is expired or near to the expiration date.

Usually the processing of DS-82 Application for Passport Renewal takes from 4 to 6 weeks. If you seek a quick way to undergo the procedure, inform your regional US passport agency.

Here you may find an instruction if you need to expedite a passport renewal.

  1. First of all confirm that you are traveling in the next 14 or 30 days and you require a visa.
  2. Prepare expedited passport renewal checklist. If your document is not valid for more than 6 months you should renew it now.
  3. Complete Form DS-82 online or print it and write in all the required details. It is necessary to sign the application.
  4. Attach the travel itinerary from a travel agency or airplane. The travel date should match the date on the application.
  5. Include two identical passport photos 2×2 inches in size on a white background.
  6. Authorization letter is needed too. Print one copy of it. You should check off the first two boxes of this paper.
  7. Send your old passport book together with DS-82. Note, that passport shouldn’t be damaged. Furthermore, it is appropriate only if you obtained it within the last 15 years.
  8. It is important to pay a government fee. The set amount of payment is $170. In case, you applied for the passport card you need to pay $220.
  9. It is highly recommended to fill out secure order form to ensure your place in the State Department in order to speed up the updating of your passport.
  10. Enter only truthful data. Always check the details you provided to correct errors if found and to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to the delay and even denial of your application.

Once all the documentation is already collected and Form DS-82 is completed, mail all the papers to a recipient and wait for an answer.