Form DS-82

Passport Renewal Application. Tips for Applying

Form DS-82 passport application is necessary for individuals seeking a passport renewal.

Nevertheless, you are able to submit this application only if you have no problems with your passport:

  • Check if you document is not damaged.
  • Your passport was issued to you when you turned 16
  • You obtained it within the last 15 years
  • Your name has not changed since your passport was issued. Otherwise, you need to provide an appropriate document to confirm your name change. These may be marriage or divorce certificate, etc.

Once you found out that you have all rights to file the application, you may start to fill out Form DS-82. It is possible to print the paper and write in all the required information by hand. For more convenience you may download it and type out the data. It is highly recommended completing all the lines. This form may contain several fields that don’t fit you. In this case you should leave them empty.

Have a look at the tips mentioned below.

  1. Make sure you provided your legal name and that it is spelled the right way.
  2. You should enter your current passport numbers. This will automatically start the renewal process. Otherwise, it will produce a new application instead.

After DS-82 application is completed, review all the information you mentioned to correct possible mistakes and make any change if necessary.

The next step is to deal with the product service and fees page on the website. There you will find information about the amount of money necessary to pay for the US Department of State. It should include the fee for the Acceptance Clerk.

Pay attention to the list of the types of documents you may apply for.

  • Passport book. While applying for it indicate if you want a standard one (28-page) or for frequent travelers (52-page).
  • Passport Card. Choose it for travel to Bermuda, Caribbean, Canada or Mexico.
  • Both options

Then select the type of delivery and service which fits your passport renewal needs. Read carefully the info about expedited renewal. For those who seeking a quick way to undergo this procedure it is advised to refer to the regional US passport agency.

The next page is supposed to clarify to you how to create a PDF Form DS-82. This is really easy, just click on the field ‘Create Form’. You will get 6 pages, however, only the last two are intended for the application. Then print it to have on hand or send it to a recipient. Don’t forget to sign it.